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Paul Germain: I struggled for years with being overweight due to a poor diet and inactivity. The summer of 2014 I decided it was time to make some lifestyle changes. I signed up for a membership with Viking Fitness Center I have never looked back.

I started eating healthier and exercising and I lost 120 pounds! I changed my life! I am proof that it’s possible! I became a personal trainer because I am passionate about exercise and fitness and I want to help others achieve their fitness goals. I specialize in weight loss by combining calisthenics, resistance training and plyometrics. (Jump training).

Fitness is a lifestyle change achieved by combining a healthy diet with regular exercise.
Let’s take this journey to a healthier you together!

Michelle: When my husband and I met in the year 2000, I weighed 140 pounds and wore size 12 pants. When my husband left for Kuwait in January of 2009 I weighed over 175 pounds! I was fed up with how I felt about myself and decided to get myself in shape while he was gone so he’d have a surprise when he would return.

When I had gained weight I was always worried about people staring at and judging me, which is why I had been so hesitant in becoming a gym member. However, I soon realized that at Viking Fitness Center no one judged, no one stared and everyone was very eager to help and answer questions. I started my journey in January of 2009 and by January of 2010, I weighed 135 pounds and wore size seven pants.

My husband was so shocked when he came home!

I have never felt so healthy! Before, I ate because the food tasted good, but now I have learned to eat to live and not to live to eat. After my sessions with Lynnette, a great personal trainer, I learned a lot not only about eating right but about the value of both cardiovascular exercise and resistance training. Whenever I have a question I always know that I can ask any trainer, not just my own, and they help without concern of compensation. Being healthy has become a lifestyle for not only me but for my entire family.

Thank you, Viking Fitness Center!!

Melissa: Over the past two years, I’ve lost a lot of weight and I’ve become firmed and toned. It’s not uncommon that we look at ourselves in the mirror and know that we’re just not happy with what we see; however, what we WANT to look like seems so impossible to achieve when we’ve managed to get so out of shape. Consequently, we get more and more discouraged as we get more and more out of shape.

Something happened in my personal life in 2007 that turned on a light bulb for me and I’m so very grateful that Viking Fitness Center was here for me to turn to. Because of the wonderful staff, the comfort level, the great bonding with many other supportive members and, of course, Viking’s trainers, equipment and classes, I’m happy in my own skin, my self-confidence has improved, my general health has improved tremendously and my three children have noticed my increased energy levels. I’ve gone through some amazing physical and mental transformations. I actually enjoy shopping for clothes….I never, ever thought that I’d feel that I could look good in my clothes. My self-image has improved so much.

Thank you, Viking Fitness Center.

Kevin: It’s 2010 and I’m 22 years of age. Almost two years ago I weighed close to 450 pounds! Every day was the same thing: junk food and video games. Finally, one day, when I realized just how bad the weight was affecting my normal life I decided to take action. My mother and I went around searching for the best gym possible. We got to Viking and, not only were the fees very affordable, but Viking is right around the corner from my house.

The journey had begun. Every day was a new challenge. My mother bought a whole bunch of healthy food: salad, fruit, lean protein, etc. I also started drinking more water than I had previously. I went to the gym every day and would lift weights first, for about a half hour, and finish up with cardiovascular. Eventually, I progressed to lifting more weights and for a longer period of time, and of course my cardiovascular endurance has improved tremendously.

Today I weigh 258 pounds. I feel better, I’m faster, I’m stronger than I have ever been and my confidence has improved so much. I owe most of this to Viking Fitness Center. If it weren’t for Viking’s being there all the time and being open 24 hours/7 days a week, I don’t think I would have had the motivation and tools needed to get to where I am today. I’m also grateful for my friends who have been here to push me this far along.

Thank you, Viking Fitness Center!

Bill: In the ‘after’ picture I’m 38 years old. I have three beautiful daughters and one granddaughter. I love them very much and I enjoy spending quality time with them. They love how active I am and they appreciate all of the things that we do together Thirteen years ago when I was 25 years old I weighed 235 pounds and I was rapidly growing towards having a 40-inch waist! I was 28% body fat. I now weigh 180 pounds, my waist measures 32 and I’m 12% body fat. I workout seven days a week and run three miles a day. I used to drink about three liters of pop a day! I no longer drink pop.

Were it not for Viking Fitness Center I wouldn’t be in the shape that I’m in today….and I certainly wouldn’t be able to enjoy my daughters the way I do. Being ‘in shape’ has literally changed my life! I look so forward to going to the gym to workout! It’s very rewarding and my day isn’t complete if I don’t workout.

Thank you, Viking Fitness Center!

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