Metabolic Testing

During this hour-long consultation, you will be able to discuss your personal dietary and/or fitness program with a certified trainer. For $40 you will find out how many calories you presently burn per day and how many are required to lose, gain or maintain weight. This is a valuable and useful tool if you want to achieve your health and fitness goals.

Body Composition Analysis

Body weight provides a measure of total weight, but does not determine the lean-to-fat ratio of that weight. For only $10 you can learn your body fat percentage, which will give you an accurate and necessary gauge of your ongoing fitness progress.

Personal Training

Meet with one of our certified personal trainers for one-on-one guidance to help you achieve your fitness goals. The trainer will design your safe and effective weekly workouts for you, assess a dietary journal, help you to break plateaus and teach you how to design your own personal workouts.

Free Personal Training Sessions

Viking Fitness offers you an opportunity to have a free lifestyle evaluation with a certified trainer. Contact a personal trainer for details.

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